Year of Forests

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eTwinning project "Year of forests" partnerschools

Partneschool of Estonia

We study in Tallinna Vanalinna Hariduskolleegium (Tallinn Old Town School). Our school is situated in the heart of medievel old town of Tallinn. We are close to the ancient city wall and our Town Hall. There are 800 students in our school which includes some special needs children and we are very proud of our intensive Music- and Art School programs.

Leader of Estonian partnerschool: Tuuli Koitjärv

Parnerschool of Poland

We study in J.Lompa Primary School in Woźniki. There are more than 200 students in our school. Woźniki -it’s a beautiful small city in south of Poland.
It's remote 30 km from Częstochowa- the main destination of pilgrims of whole world.

Partnerschool of Poland - J.Lompa Primary School in Wozniki

Produced by our students:)

Partnerschool of Romania

 A trip in our village - Zabratau

We are environmently friendly.

Partnerschool of Turkey

Kutlukent 80. Yıl İlköğretim Okulu
Tekkeköy –SAMSUN /Türkiye(Turkey)

Our primary school is in Samsun which is on Blacksea coast.We have 490 students between 6-14 years old.
They learn Tucish ,Match, Science and technology,English (from 4. class level),Social studies ,history, Visual arts, musical arts, physical education in the school. Reading is important things for Turkish education system.So we read the books which we like together pupils every day.
Communication is the other important thing.Drama and technology are used in lesson.
There are 25 pupils (average) in the classes.We have kindergarden stage.
Our built is 4 storey.We have 18 classrooms, a multi-purpose hall, a canteen, a lybrary, a technology class and staff rooms.We have some garden.
Primary education in Turkey is 8 years.And there is kindergarden too. So we have got different 9 level pupils.
Except kindergarden, fist 3 years only a teacher enters the class.On the 4th year that position change .There are English teacher, Visual arts teacher,musical art teacher, physical educatin teacher for pupils.On the sixth year there are many tecaher for science and technology , social studies, match, Turkish ,history of Turkish.There are often competitions.For the Ministry of education to join the projects is important for development.
By the way;
Sometime it is done development studies for teacher in our school.
All of us love our school.

Münevver Çakır Ertekin

Partneschool of Estonia

We study in Jäneda Basic School. We have 64 students in our school.
Leader of Estonian partnerschool: Tiia Salm
Partners of Poland
Private Kindergarten „Pod Muchomorkiem”