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Friday, May 20, 2011

National Parks in Poland :)

National Park - a protected area because of its advantages, mostly of nature. In Poland, following the Nature Conservation Act of 2004, "covers an area distinguished by its special natural, scientific, social, cultural and educational, with an area of not less than 1000 ha, where the protection of all nature and landscape values. Creates a national park for the conservation of biological diversity, resources, objects and elements of inanimate nature and landscape restoration of a proper state of natural resources and components, and plays distorted natural habitats, habitats of plants, animals or fungi. "In Poland there is a 23 national parks.

Reserwe Segiet .

Segiet -The reserve is located close to our place. Forestry, the partial nature reserve, located around Tarnogórskiego Garb, on the border between Bytom and Tarnowski Mountains. Reserve is located in the upper parts of the Silver Mountain (347 m), which is one of the higher elevations west of Tarnogórskiego Garb.

Was appointed Minister of Forestry decree of 27 April 1953 (MP 1953, No. 42, item. 511). Reserve an area of ​​24.29 ha was established in order to preserve for scientific, educational and social part of the natural beech forest with spruce and fir in the area of ​​former mine workings.

The surface area of ​​the reserve consists principally of the Middle Triassic sediments: limestone, marl and kruszconośne, diploporowe or marly dolomite. In the few places they are covered by Quaternary sediments, mainly glacial sands.

Information on reserves in Poland.

The entire reserve, or part thereof may be subject to strict protection, conservation and landscape protection active. Strict protection is non-interference in natural processes, active protection allows the execution of conservation (eg, removal of trees shading the position of valuable plant species) and landscape protection consists in the agriculture, forestry or fishing in a way that takes into account the needs of the object of protection.
Reserve shall be established by order of the regional director of environmental protection. Liquidation or reduction of the reserve is only possible in the irretrievable loss of its natural values. To reserve shall be established for 20 years so. Protection Plan - a document setting out the objectives of protection, conservation tasks to do and generally make the reserve. Such a plan approved for governor after consultation with the Minister of Environment. In Poland there are 1407 nature reserves (as at 31 December 2008).
The types of nature reserves in Poland
• fauna reserve,
• Reserve floristic
• forest reserve,
• nature reserve,
• Reserve peat,
• Meadow Reserve,
• reservoir,
• inanimate nature reserve,
• Reserve steppe

Saturday, May 14, 2011

forest week

May 2-8 was celebrated as forest week in Estonia. Therefore, Forest Museum arranged great activities for children. Our class went to Forest Museum to play a dice game. It was much fun. The game board was on the floor and children were the pieces. All teams got a different animal name and during the game, children moved around the game board according to the number that was thrown with the dice. When children went to a field with a number on the game board, they had to solve some interesting problem. We received very much new information about our forests. It was a fun time!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fairy tales-a mysterious life in the woods

Presentation from Jolanta Piotrowska (Poland)

Year of Forests in Estonia

We have our own Forest Musem in Estonia, situated in Sagadi manor. The nice people of the museum visited our school. They introduced the trees and animals living in the forests.

Afterwards, we had a nature guiz and the children made great posters about the usefulness of the forests. The children also wnt to the library where books about forests were introduced to them.

Children sang songs in the forest.

In Poland

What do plants need to grow? How to start tree of life?

"On the side of nature"is the environmental program, which draws attention to the problem of the Polish environmental protection.

His support for the program "On the side of nature" can be expressed by planting a virtual tree at