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Year of Forests-eTwinning project

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

On September, 21 we took part in tree planting project ENO trees planting Day. We are city school pupils and cannot plant trees in our city according to our wishes. Our school is situated in the heart of Estonia?s capital city - Tallinn's old town. At that day we planted an acorn. The oak is the national tree of Estonia. Oak tree leaf is on our nature conservation logo. By now our little tree is 6 months old. We drew the tree life cycle. There are four pictures in the drawing: the tree?s birth, a 6-month-old oak tree, a 10-year-old oak tree (as old as we are) and a 100-year-old oak tree. Soon we have to find a new place for our tree. This pot will be too tight.

English teacher Liina and class teacher Tuuli

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